Employee Profile

Mackenzie Katch

I intend to continue developing my skills to balance function and design while maintaining good accessibility standards.



Mackenzie is a multimedia designer who creates print and digital graphics. Skills demonstrated in her portfolio include logos, branding, web design, print design, animation, and a strong understanding of color theory.

Mackenzie has an associates degree in graphic design, and a bachelor’s degree in art with an emphasis on graphic design. Her previous design experience included maintaining accessibility standards and developing materials for the public that balance function and aesthetics.


Bachelor of Arts, Emphasis in Graphic Design
Minor in Website Development and Administration;
Associates of Arts - Graphic Design


Outside Hobbies

Painting, Sewing, Crafts

Mackenzie Katch

Multimedia Designer II


City of Milwaukee

Public involvement is a crucial aspect of transportation projects to ensure that the needs and concerns of the public are taken into account when planning, designing, and implementing transportation infrastructure.

Research Study

I-39/90/94 Interstate Study

The primary objective of public involvement in this important study is to provide opportunities for both outreach and feedback; and ultimately, significant interaction with stakeholders and interested parties during this environmental study.

Reconstruction Project

WIS 50

This $131 million project was needed to address safety and access, poor roadway and bridge conditions, traffic in high-density areas, and to improve the transportability of local traffic and oversized-overweight vehicles (OSOW).


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