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i-39/90/94 interstate study

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I-39/90/94 Interstate Study

De Vor Communications was hired by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) as the lead public involvement subconsultant to provide public involvement and outreach services for the 67-miles of corridor between US 12/18 in Madison and US 12/WIS 16 in Wisconsin Dells. As a critical route for recreational travel and freight transport ($106 billion in freight per year), the I-39/90/94 corridor is of vital importance to the economic health of the region and state. It should be noted that where I-39, I-90 and I-94 run concurrently from the Badger interchange in Madison to where I-39 splits from I-90/94, just south of Portage, is the longest stretch of three concurrent interstates in America.



The primary objective of public involvement in this important study is to provide opportunities for both outreach and feedback; and ultimately, significant interaction with stakeholders and interested parties during this environmental study. The De Vor team is responsible for dissemination of timely, accurate and understandable information to over 30,000residents, businesses, local and elected officials, and other agencies such asNative American Tribes and Environment Justice (EJ) groups within the immediate vicinity of the corridor. Outreach includes project branding, the development of print and electronic communication materials including PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets, newsletters, web content, and interactive communications to be utilized at outreach events, posted on the project website and social media sites. 

Wide shot of interstate 39/90/94


Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Southwest Region


US 12/18  in Madison to US 12/WIS 16 in Wisconsin Dells (Dane, Columbia, Sauk, and  Juneau Counties)  

To date, the De Vor Communications team has assisted and implemented two open house format public involvement meetings with a public hearing scheduled for this study in spring 2024. Multiple small group and local coordination meetings have also been held with local and elected officials, business interchange groups, and key community and special interest groups to keep them informed of milestones and to solicit feedback. These meetings allow the opportunity to provide status updates, particularly on design alternatives and traffic management planning. 

A Local Official Advisory Committee (LOAC), Technical AdvisoryCommittee (TAC), and Community Advisory Committee (CAC) were also formed in the early stages of the study. Each committee has met twice to assist the project team in identifying issues, developing and screening project alternatives, understanding project alternatives and impacts, and developing plans for communicating this information to others. Our team assisted with coordinating and facilitating these meetings.

Project Deliverables

Stakeholder Engagement:
  • Public Involvement Plan
  • Media/Social Media Coordination
  • Business Outreach and Coordination
  • Stakeholder Database Development and Management
  • Literature Drops
Project Materials:
  • Project Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication Materials Development
  • Web Content Management and Oversight
Outreach Meetings
  • Public Involvement
  • Business
  • Neighborhood
  • Local and Elected Official/Advisory Committees
  • Community/Special Interest


A shortened library of some of the graphics created for this project. For this project, our creative team designed print and digital documents, creating assets consistent within the brand, and building maps to show changes in traffic during construction.


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