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Alyssa Tapia



Alyssa leads De Vor Communication's public engagement efforts for the City of Milwaukee roadway design and construction projects. Her experience includes Major highway projects but has found her passion in Local Program Projects, making a difference in the community she loves. She has experience working with multiple municipalities to organize public meetings and events as well as ensure effective and efficient stakeholder outreach. Alyssa excels while working with the public in both large and one-on-one settings.

Alyssa has a degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is highly skilled in written and verbal communication. Her goal at De Vor Communications is to continue working with the City of Milwaukee, enhancing the role of public involvement.


Bachelor of Arts in Communication


Outside Hobbies

Alyssa Tapia

Senior Public Involvement Specialist


City of Milwaukee

Public involvement is a crucial aspect of transportation projects to ensure that the needs and concerns of the public are taken into account when planning, designing, and implementing transportation infrastructure.


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